welcome to rebels refinery

Thanks for coming to visit us at Rebels Refinery. Our mission at Rebels Refinery is to help make people look good, feel good and raise money and awareness for notable causes.

We want our customers to know that we are always looking out for their best interests and providing them with premium products at great prices. We will never try and sell you an $80 anti-aging cream that does nothing more than a basic moisturizer. That’s not what we’re about.

We created a line of natural skin care to get away from the chemical intensive alternatives that are likely doing more damage than good to both your skin (body’s largest organ) and the rest of your body. We know we can go with the highest quality natural ingredients and outperform the synthetic crap pervasive in the industry (most of our products are 99-100% natural and pure gold).

We’re not a major brand with a fancy French name and a billion dollar advertising budget. We are an exclusive brand owned by friends that actually care about people and products over making a profit (a little beer money wouldn’t hurt). Whether you’re a rebel at heart, a refined gentlemen/lady or hopefully both when need be
— we hope you join in
supporting Rebels Refinery.

Stay Weirder,
RR Team

*All Goods
Cruelty Free

the squad

Eric Fallon

Chief Entertainment Officer

Eric once wrestled an injured pink flamingo from the jaws of a crocodile. He hand nursed the bird back to health and reconciled the relationship between hunter and prey. His 8 years in the soap business have afforded him the captain’s chair but his kind nature has afforded him the god-like ability to wash away your sins.

Elan Marks

Art Director/Drinker

This South Africa born stud is a star painter/mixologist/graphic designer. Join him for a drink and you’ll be corralled into a threesome faster than a scalded dog. Come say hi!

Justin Maclean

The Closer

Whether it comes to IT, being a star salesman or just being really tall/good-looking he excels like no other. He hopes to one day have a family of 7 children so he can “dunk on those fools” in the comfort of his own driveway.

(claims  never to  have  faked  the  funk)